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Do You Need a Roof Repair or a Roof Replacement?

Your roof is your first line of defense; it is what protects your family and your assets from the outside elements. It's literally the roof over your head. Unfortunately, even the slightest bit of damage is enough to let moisture seep into your house, potentially causing serious issues like rot, mold, and deterioration. So, if problems are found, you have a decision to make: a minor roof repair or a total roof replacement?

It's not an easy decision to make, and making the wrong choice could cost you more money in the long run. So here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you decide if you can get by with a simple (and less expensive) roof repair or if it's finally time to pull the trigger on a total roof replacement.

How Old Is Your Roof?

You might think the main deciding factor would be something like the extent of the damage, but it's not. The first question you should ask yourself is how old is your roof?

The average life expectancy for asphalt shingles (the most common roofing material) is around 20 years. However, in Colorado, roofs are replaced on average every nine years. This is due to our extremely high and low-temperature swings in addition to our severe weather. So if your roof is almost old enough to buy a beer, it probably makes more sense to replace the whole thing.

Repairs on old roofs can be challenging because they often have multiple layers, and it is difficult to tie new shingles into the existing shingles, resulting in more damage than you started with. In our experience, if you have one leak, the next leak is not far behind. With a full roof replacement, you can rest assured that you won't have to worry about problems for years to come.

How Extensive Is the Damage?

If your roof still has some life in it, then it's time to consider the extent of the damage.

Leaks are the most common roofing issue, specifically from environmental factors—especially in hail and rain-heavy areas like Colorado. When considering the extent of the damage, think about how many pots and pans you need to pull out every time it rains.

If you need only one pot to catch water from a single drip, you likely have a minor, localized leak. A roof repair will easily patch that up, and you won't have to spend the money on a complete roof replacement.

If you can't cook on rainy nights because all your pots and pans are collecting water from multiple holes spread over your entire roof, then it's time for a replacement. Widespread leaks indicate severe damage. You can fix them all with repairs, but at that point, it's a much better idea to simply replace the whole roof.

How Long Are You Going to Live in the House?

Roof replacements are a serious investment. The average cost of a roof replacement is somewhere between $5,500 and $11,500, depending on your location, the size of your house, and the material you use. When you spend that kind of money, it's important to consider how long you'll get to enjoy your investment.

If you don't plan on living in your home for much longer, you might not want to spend the money for a roof replacement just so the next owners can enjoy it. As long as the roof isn't too old and the damage is minimal, it's not a bad idea to save money and simply repair your roof.

On the other hand, if you plan on living in your house for many years to come, replacing your roof is a much safer bet. Roof repairs are temporary, and the costs add up over time. So why not skip the yearly calls to your friendly neighborhood roofer to fix minor leaks and just replace your roof? You'll be able to enjoy your new roof for decades!

Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

Choosing between a roof repair and a roof replacement isn't easy. You don't want to spend more money than you have to, but you also want to make sure the investment is worth it. If you're having roof troubles, consider the age of the roof, how widespread the damage is, and how long you plan on staying in your home to help you make the right decision.

If you need help deciding which course of action is right for you, let the experts at BossLady Contracting help! We've repaired and replaced roofs all over the greater Denver metro area and will help point you in the right direction. Contact us to see what a roof repair or a roof replacement can do for your home.

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